noun 1. An elaborate practical joke in which an unsuspecting person takes part in a bogus hunt for a snipe, typically being left alone in the dark with instructions not to move until the snipe appears. 2. A futile search or endeavor.

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About Snipe Unlimited

Wild goose chase? We beg to differ.

Over the years, friends of Brad McKinney (Founder and self-appointed President of Snipe Unlimited) have enjoyed the pursuit of the wiley Wilson’s Snipe as a sporting (and tasty) game bird. During such outings, conversation always turned to the fact that most good folk, even ardent sportsmen, aren’t aware of the snipe hunting opportunities that are generally provided across the country.

To most folk, “snipe hunting” means abandoning a good (albeit, naïve) friend out in the hinterlands, in the middle of the night,

with a  gunnie sack and perhaps a shaker of salt for the tail, with the promise of an unsuspecting snipe to be chased toward the bagger. Of course, the bagger is then left to walk home and all have a good laugh.

But the snipe hunting companions of McKinney’s have always enjoyed their pursuit and harvest and have mulled over the idea of promoting the sport. So…here we are. Ready to share tips, offer advice, provide recipes, whatever we can do to help you, the long-time sniper or the novice, enjoy this sport.